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, but it is very mindful of what iranian interests are. you see this in arab league of los about syria where the iraqis have voted against and abstain from putting sanctions on syria. there is a lot of concern that the influence will increase. my worry is that there will be a lot more violence. the saudis have been funding the groups and we may seek -- violence has never stopped in iraq. there have been explosions and suicide bombers, all that has continued. the question is whether the iraqi state will be strong enough to withstand these kinds of attacks and whether the iranians will exercise a somewhat lighter hand in iraq. syria is very important to this. if bashar al-assad goes down, they will need this iraq connection even more. we have given them a substitute for syria in a way by getting rid of saddam hussein. host: next call is from boca raton, florida. caller: i have the pleasure of speaking with you about a year or so ago. his calculus was that if they did develop a nuclear weapon, they would then wipe out israel. they also threatened the united states and europe. if israel did reta
east tyranny and terrorism died in 2011, payful protest proved more powerful. fear is dead in syria for good. that's the viewer's thoughts on what significant deaths happened in the year 2011. we have governor of carey of new york. former senate mark hatfield of oregon. general john shalikashvili. betty ford, two secretaries of state. the first, lawrence eagleburger, and warren christopher. in between there, we have geraldine ferraro and sargent shriver. ok, i know you are very involved with the ford leg sifment you were a eulogist at her funeral. can you talk about whether or not her legacy is a lasting one. guest: oh, i think so. i think so. i think there are so many ways of looking at mrs. ford's legacy. in some ways, she's a very unusual figure among first ladies. arguably her impact was greater after she left the white house, although you cannot, you cannot exaggerate the significance of her openness at the time of her breast cancer surgery. it is hard to believe it today, but those are words not used in polite conversation 40 years ago. with the consequence that many women wer
was important for a advancing u.s. policy goals. he is the ambassador to syria recalled in october but he is now returning to syria. according to this article. from the hill, a gop senator says that support for a obama or ran's policy has collapsed. -- obama iran policy has collapsed. that is from the hill. this is from the "wall street journal." the top military commander in afghanistan is privately recommending staving off new u.s. troop reductions until 2014, a position that could put him at odds with a white house eager to wind down the 10-year- old war. again, that is in the kit you will street journal." back to your calls on the president's speech in kansas yesterday. we're going to go to ron in illinois. under $50,000 is what ron makes. you are on the "washington journal." what did you think of the president's speech? caller: it is the most articulate man that has held that office since the 1980's. i have not missed an election since i was eligible to vote. this man, i'm more proud of than any president we have had. saying that, i've never been ashamed of what goes on in washington than i
" this morning. also, "the washington post" has the story about the violence escalating in syria. an update on the situation in syria, as well. one last phone call in here. a democrat in silver spring, go ahead. what is your confidence level? caller: i think it will go from 2% growth to 3% economic growth. host: what gives you that confidence? caller: everybody is moving along. this is going to put itself together slowly, gradually. i forgot what my point was. host: can you think of it, and gregory? we will leave it there. he says he has confidence in the economy. coming up, nick gillespie joins us to talk about libertarians in campaign 2012. we will be right back. ♪ >> with the iowa caucuses next week and new hampshire primaries later in the month, a c-span series "the contenders" looks back at 14 candidates who ran for president and lost, but had a lasting impact on american politics. tonight, adlai stevenson. wednesday, barry goldwater. thursday, hubert humphrey. saturday, george mcgovern, followed by billionaire businessman ross perot. >> middle and high school students, for this year
news, the financial times about that blast in syria killing 44. it tore through the building of security agencies engaged in a crackdown of the pro-democracy movement. fears that the conflict is entering a bloodier phase. "washington post" about the new leader in north korea. there are risks in leaders still developing. so look at the newest leader in north korea. we have about 10 minutes left here. getting your take on political videos and whether or not the influence of thinking. john is a republican in ohio. caller: happy holidays to everybody. host: good morning. caller: i live in a state where the ads are just pounding. no, they do not influence me. look, the republicans, the policy game is how can i show the next man up? everyone knows that some are honest and a lot of them are not. and the candidates that we have on my side, none of them are no good. michele bachmann is not going to win. mitt romney is not going to win because you can tell, mitt romney, he looks like a president but he just wants it so bad, but he is not going to beat obama. everyone in america knows t
have been living apart for months. turning to international news, syria's state run news agency announced the release of detained dissidents arrested in the past nine months. the agency said 755 prisoners have been freed but none with, in their words, blood on their hands. it comes as an arab league observer team is in the country. in yemen, hundreds of government employees walked off the job in a spreading strike over alleged corruption linked to the country's outgoing president. the employees are rallying to demand reform and the firing of top managers. corruption was one of the grievances that prompted mass protests against president saleh. those are just some of the latest headlines. >> middle and high school students, for this year's studentcam video competition, we want to tell you -- you want -- we want you to tell us which part of the u.s. constitution is important to you. get the documentary to c-span by january 20, 2012, for your chance to win the grand prize of $5,000. and there is $50,000 in total prize is. it is open to students grade 6- 12. for details, go to stude
of protesters poured into streets across syria, braving a government onslaught of teargas and gunfire. the demonstrations marked a display of renewed vigor for opponents of president al assad, were eager to make their case during a visit by the arab league observers. next call, iowa, a democrat. caller: good morning to everybody and happy new year. i think we ought to start out the new year by letting everybody know that we would save hundreds of billions of dollars a year, according to the "financial times" and our congressional budget office if we would just go to ever -- medicare for everybody. the whole country would say all those billions that the ceo's are taking home and all the overhead that even up to 60% is what we are told by the "des moines register" a few days ago. i would like to correct the story that i told three months ago that said the afghanistan deal was over the oil in tajikistan. it is not. it is turkman a stand. the soviets wanted to take that oil down to the coast and over to india by pipeline, and i made a mistake when i phoned in about it before. host: thank
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7